Why Pick Tribal Cold Pressed Dog Food?

Posted by Katy Parnell on 1st October 2018 to News Articles, In Store News & Events, Dogs, New Products

Why Pick Tribal Cold Pressed Dog Food | Kennelgate

Tribal's unique pet food is the brainchild of Fatima Maktari. The Oxford University chemistry graduate, has developed a range of products that are in tune with dogs natural feeding and digestion processes. Fatima launched Tribal a few years ago and now her cold-pressed dog food is now available in your local Kennelgate Pet Superstore in-store & online.

"I am fascinated with the link between science and nature and spent my time researching rare and naturally occurring fatty acids, which lower blood sugar levels. It's important to me that we use science to deliver the natural nutrition that our dogs deserve, rather than using it to bamboozle and confuse people with inferior or artificial products."

Why pick Tribal?

1.There is a wide array of healthy and nutritious foods available for humans, however when you look at dog food it is much more traditional. I felt that our beloved dogs were missing out on a wide variety of beneficial ingredients. Our Tribal range includes coconut oil which is beneficial for the skin, coat and metabolism and lavender flowers which promotes calmness. It is therefore important to me that we use science to deliver the best natural nutrition that our dogs deserve.

2. Our range of dry dog food, called Tribal TLC, is made by a process called cold-pressing, it is produced at much lower temperatures than the traditional way of making dry dog food. Think steaming your vegetables rather than boiling them. Tribal also breaks down in the stomach easier making it easier for dogs to digest. We only use fresh meat, rather than a dried meat powder used by the vast majority of dry dog foods called meat-meal. Therefore our cold pressed food is one of the closest dry foods to raw feeding that you can get.

3. Our products are suitable for all breeds. We have Chihuahua’s and Leonberger’s all happily thriving on our food. Our adult and senior/light range of dog food contain very high levels of joint care supplementation which is actually just as important for smaller breeds such as Chihuahua’s as well as larger breeds such as Labradors.

4. Since starting to make dog biscuits from my kitchen at home, our range of eleven products is now produced in state of the art production facilities. Our hand baked treats for example are produced in carbon neutral ovens in the heart of Hampshire and our cold-pressed dog food is made in the Netherlands as there simply wasn’t anyone in the UK that could produce what I wanted! I now have a team of people that I work with to research and develop new products to ensure that we can offer our Tribe of customers the best possible nutrition for their pet.

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