All about Yakers

Posted by Conor Kirk on 31st August 2018 to News Articles, Dogs

What Are YAKERS Dog Chews?

Originally consumed by humans in the Himalayas and their dogs, YAKERS chews are a delicious & healthy dog treat that are available to buy in small, medium and extra large sizes.

YAKERS chews can last what may seem like forever! Your dog will need to spend a while working hard at chewing and softening their treat before they’re able to access the delicious pieces that fall off. This will keep them entertained and working hard to get their reward.

How are YAKERS chews made?

Yak milk is collected from the Himalayas. This milk is then turned into cheese after the cream has been removed to reduce the amount of fat. A tiny amount of salt and lime juice is added to harden the milk. Moisture is then removed by using a muslin cloth to compress the coagulated solids. The blocks are then laid to rest for a couple of days, followed by being smoke dried for 28 days hung on a wire grid or within smoking sheds.

Benefits of YAKERS for your dog

  • Healthy delicious treat
  • Helps fight plaque and tartar.
  • Low in fat at only 5.2%
  • Gluten free
  • Preservative free
  • Vegetarian
  • Rich in calcium & protein to help muscle growth and repair as well as improving dental/bone health.
  • 100% natural
  • Suitable for dogs over 4 months of age.

How To Feed Your Dog YAKERS Chews

You can keep YAKERS stored in a cool dry place, away from your dog’s reach of course. Ensure that you supervise your dog when they’re enjoying their YAKERS. Always make fresh drinking water available too. Once they’ve finishing enjoying their treat you can put the remaining small end piece into the microwave from 30 seconds to up to a minute until it expands and puffs up. Once it’s cooled down you can give it back to your dog to finish off.

YAKERS Crunchy Snacks

The only difference between the YAKERS chews and these snacks are the CRUNCH! Each snack remains 100% natural and isn’t too hard or too soft. YAKERS Crunchy Bites - Perfect for small dogs or growing puppies - Can be used as a quick reward or treat straight from the packet - Easy to eat and digest YAKERS Crunchy Strips - Strips provide a more substantial treat that dogs love to sink their teeth into. YAKERS Crunchy Bars - The largest of treats that allow for a crunchy chew but with less of the chewing.


Is salt bad for dogs?

Just like in humans, salt can be harmful in large quantities. With YAKERS, only a tiny amount of salt is used alongside lime juice. This is to help the cheese harden in the manufacturing process. The salt content within YAKERS is less than 0.1%.

Aren’t dogs Lactose Intolerant?

Not all dogs are lactose intolerant. YAKERS has less than 1% lactose so even if your dog doesn’t have an iron stomach they’re unlikely to notice. Cream and the Whey are removed from the milk during the manufacturing process to ensure the amount of lactose is extremely low.


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