(D)Wellness Core Tender Fillets with Beef Wet Adult Grain Free Dog Food 6 x 170g

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    CORE Tender Filets is a meat-packed complete and balanced meal with savoury slices of meat expertly blended with nutritious vegetables in a delicious sauce.

    Naturally hypoallergenic, no cereals, wheat, wheat gluten, corn, soy, dairy, eggs, beef, artificial flavors or preservatives.

    *grain free and meat rich
    *complete and balanced
    *meat slices with vegetables in sauce

    * Soft bites full of taste
    * Adds variety and excitement to meal time
    * Helps hydration 

    Best at room temperature. Refrigerate unused portion. Adjust feeding as needed. Always provide water.

    Fed alone: 1 container per 1.36 kg body weight daily. Fed with Wellness dry: reduce dry by 35 g for every 1 container wet. Best at room temperature. Refrigerate unused portion. Always provide access to clean, fresh water.