(D) Vets Best Natural Spot On Flea Repellent for Small Animals 4 Pipette

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  • Details

    The Vets Best Natural Spot On Flea Repellent for Small Animals is designed to be effective, yet gentle with no harsh chemicals or synthetic insecticides. Containing plant based extracts which will render your small pet unattractive to fleas.

    Optimum effectiveness is achieved 24 hours after the application, each application lasts for up to 4 weeks. This 4 week period of protection may be reduced if their fur and coat becomes excessively wet. In this instance, the product can be re-applied 7 days after the initial application.

    How much do I use on my pet?

    For Small Animals (Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Chinchillas and Rats) 12 weeks and older, than weigh over 300g. Use 1 pipette.

    How do I apply this on my pet?

    Simply part the fur in-between your animal’s shoulder blades, in all cases to ensure that the product is applied as close to the skin as possible using the entire contents of the pipette.

  • Composition
    Margose (Neem) extract 0.1% w/w together with a blend of natural citronella oil 0.08% w/w, eucalyptus oil 0.5% w/w, and peppermint oil 0.5% w/w, plus denatonium benzoate in an aqueous, non-greasy solution.