Toplife Milk for Kittens 200ml

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    TopLife Milk for Kittens is a tasty treat that is suitable for your kitten to drink daily. TopLife Milk for Kittens is made from highly digestible lactose reduced cows' milk, with added Taurine to maintain healthy eyes, and Inulin, which nourishes the good bacteria in your kitten’s digestive system. TopLife have also added vitamin C and vitamin E which gives your kitten an extra bit of support during those early weeks and months when their immune system is fragile.

    TopLife Milk for Kittens is a refreshing treat that is also nutritionally beneficial for your kitten.

    Kittens love milk but can sometimes have problems digesting cows' milk, that why TopLife Milk for Kittens is made from lactose reduced cows' milk. Reducing the lactose means it's easier to digest while retaining all the natural goodness and taste of cows' milk.

    TopLife Milk for Kittens is a great way to keep your kitten hydrated, especially during summer months. For younger kittens, TopLife milk is great to help with weaning and to encourage lapping by mixing with solid food or just as a little treat.

    TopLife Milk for Kittens is available in a handy 200ml carton with a resealable lid. Once opened, store in the fridge so your kitten can enjoy the milk later.