The Company Of Animals Marrowbone Nylon Interactive Dog Bone Small

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    Marrow Bone is a durable interactive dog bone that provides hours of enjoyment and chewing satisfaction. Nylon ridges are formed when your pet chews the bone. These ridges help remove tartar by working like a toothbrush’s bristles. Jerky flavour down the middle is an extra treat! Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    he tasty meat flavour in the centre of the bone constantly encourages your dog to chew, therefore providing days of enjoyment and chewing satisfaction! For even the toughest dog, they last for ages!

    Marrow Bones promote better dental hygiene; nylon shavings raised during the chewing process act like a toothbrush, removing tartar and cleaning the dog’s teeth.

    Marrow Bones are made from a man made nylon which is not harmful if digested as it passes through the animal.

    Great for teething puppies!

    The Marrow Bone is safe for indoor use and will not create any mess or stains on carpet or furniture.

    Great way to help keep your dog's teeth clean as the nylon ridges formed from chewing act as a toothbrush to remove tartar!

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