(D)Foobler Electronic Timed Treat Feeder Puzzle Ball Large

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    What is Foobler?

    Foobler is a new electronic self-reloading treat puzzle ball. It is an innovative and fun way to help your pet stay mentally fit and physically healthy by spreading treats or meals across the day.Foobler can be used as a stimulating treat puzzle or as an interactive feeder to improve a dog’s activity and health.

    How does it work?

    Fill Foobler’s six compartments with treats or dry food. The electronic timer can then be set to dispense one of the six pods at 15, 30, 60 or 90 minute intervals. When Foobler activates at the designated time setting, the next treat compartment loads and a bell chime alerts the dog it’s time to play!

    Watch this informative product video to see the product in action by clicking this link

    Which Foobler is best for my dog?

    Foobler is not intended for aggressive chewers and is recommended for supervised play only. Foobler must be larger than a dog’s bite/jaw size. A guide on sizing is provided below:

    Small diameter 121mm – Dogs up to 8kg

    Large diameter 155mm – Dogs over 8kg

    • The world's first electronic timed treat puzzle feeder!
    • Stimulating treat puzzle or interactive feeder to improve a dog's activity and health
    • Its six treat/dry food compartments provide enough capacity for a full meal portion