Supreme Selective Timothy Hay 2kg

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    When it comes to deciding what to feed rabbits, hay is an absolute essential. Rabbits need hay every day to provide them with enough fibre.

    By feeding hay you will help to keep your rabbit’s digestive system working properly and their teeth in great shape – rabbits have to chew to keep their constantly growing teeth healthy and even.

    Selective Timothy Hay comes from the first cut of the year, fresh from the fields. It’s harvested from carefully chosen Timothy grass that produces the largest, tastiest seed heads and is one of the best hays to feed rabbits.

    • High in fibre (around 25-30%)
    • Low Calorie - so you can feed plenty and not worry about your pet putting on too much weight.
    • Naturally low in calcium so your rabbit can enjoy as much of it as they like.
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    Timothy Hay