Savic Dog Residence Mobile Sloping Front Dog Crate 91x61x71cm

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    The Savic Dog Residence Mobile Fold Flat Dog Crate is a strong and durable carrier for your dog with a practical sloping front; it has one large double latched door for easy access at the front and one double latched door on the flat back side, as well as a removable tray for easy cleaning.

    Dimensions: 91cm Depth x 71cm Height x 61cm Width (The smallest depth at the top is 73cm)

    Ideal for medium to larger breed dogs

    The Savic Dog Residence Mobile Cage keeps dogs safe and secure in a vehicle but is also ideal for home and house training.

    The Savic fold flat crate is easy to assemble, requiring no tools.

    The Savic Dog Residence Mobile Cage are ideal for use with:

    Car Travel House Training Ideal Sleeping Area Other General Training

    Ensure that plenty of soft bedding is included with the crate to make it as comfortable as possible, ensure that food and water are also readily available.

    Do not leave your dog unattended for long periods of time, and never leave your dog alone with any toy that may cause injury.