Red Top Fly Trap Catcher Bag

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    Simply hang this easy to use fly trap at least 15m away from the area to be protected (to intercept the flies on their way in), 2m high and in direct sunlight. Each 3 litre trap comes with powdered bait (which is mixed with 1 litre of luke-warm water to activate it) and full instructions.

    Once in position, the bait will continue working for at least 12 weeks (sometimes longer) and will catch up to 20,000 flies. Once full, the dead flies can be tipped onto the compost heap or buried in a hole in the garden and the plastic recycled. The trap requires heat and ultra-violet light to activate, so it works most efficiently during the warmer months between May and September, when flies are at their most prolific.

    If you have any pets, they are essential for keeping flies away from them and preventing fly strike within small pets. Also ideal for using around poultry, kennels - even if you don't have pets they are great for getting rid of flies around your garden.

    These photos show the ones that have been up in our area manager’s garden for around 3 weeks and will continue to work for at least 12 weeks. I personally use one at home in my garden and wouldn't be without one now during the summer months.

    This product has been designed to be environmentally friendly, it will not attract bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects, and its scent is designed to target only flies in particular targeting female flies breaking the breeding cycle.