Petmate Sky Vari Kennel Medium Airline Approved IATA 91/628/EEC 71x52x54cm

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    The Petmate Vari Kennel meets airline requirements IATA 91/628/EEC for worldwide pet travel.

    Use this hardwearing plastic crate for transporting your dogs, cats and other pets abroad or travel in the car. The Petmate Sky Vari Kennel can also be used as a home crate, for keeping your pets safe and secure whilst you are out.

    The Petmate Sky Vari Kennel safety features include unrivaled strong plastic shell, with side ventilation grills, sturdy wire mesh door with a strong door & locking mechanism.

    Airline Travel: Please make note of the pet carrier details/dimensions before you order and then confirm with the Airline you are travelling with that it meets with their requirements for the size of your pet. Each Airline will have slightly differing requirements but as a general rule your pet must be able to stand up and turn around in the carrier. Failure to comply with individual Airline specifications could result in the Airline refusing to allow your pet to fly.

    Measures: 71cm L x 52cm W x 54cm H. Suitable for pets weighing up to 13.6kg