Petkin Blood Stop Swabs for Dogs and Cats

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  • Details

    These Petkin Blood Stop Swabs are a must have item for your pet first aid kit, hopefully you will never have to use them but it’s ideal to have them to hand.

    The Petkin Blood Stop Swabs are liquid filled cotton bud shaped swabs, they are perfect for stopping minor bleeding from nail clipping, cuts and scrapes.

    The tip of the bud is filled with a fast acting styptic solution to help stop the bleeding, as well as containing lidocaine to help ease any pain. When snapped, this solution soaks onto the tip of the cotton bud for easy application to the affected area.

    Safe to use on all dogs and cats over 6 weeks old, please note, this product should only be used in the relief of very minor cuts and scrapes. Veterinary advice should always be sought following injuries.

    Contains 24 Petkin Blood Stop Swabs per pack

  • Composition
    Lidocane HCL, Ferric Subsulfate, Aloe Vera Gel, Chamomile