Natures Menu Complete Frozen Raw Food with Chicken and Rabbit

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    Cats are carnivores and thrive on fresh meat. Natures Menu is the first naturally balanced raw cat food made from great quality British meats. Our foods have been carefully blended into simple nuggets of pure meaty joy to satisfy your cats natural instinct for fresh food. Fortified with vitamins and minerals with the correct balance of taurine, containing real cranberries, grape seed and green tea extract to ensure your cats overall health and well-being. Your cat will love raw meat, it’s safe, convenient and easy to prepare. Furthermore, Natures Menu is a natural food, free from any added sugars, artificial colours, flavours or chemical additives.

    Feeding Guide: Weight of cat 1kg - 9 Nuggets per day 2kg - 17 Nuggets per day 3kg - 26 Nuggets per day 4kg - 34 Nuggets per day 5kg - 43 Nuggets per day 6kg - 47 Nuggets per day 7kg - 55 Nuggets per day 8kg - 63 Nuggets per day 9kg - 71 Nuggets per day 10kg - 79 Nuggets per day

    An inactive cat will have less per day than an active cat.

    • Suitable for kittens aged 6 weeks +
    • Complete & Balanced Food
    • Green tea another powerful antioxidant is added to help keep your cat young and healthy
    • Grapeseed extract is a powerful antioxidant to help support the cat’s immunity
    • Added Cranberry to help to support a healthy urinary tract system as well as yucca extract to help the efficiency of the digestion process