Motorola Bark 500U Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent Indoor Unit

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    Does your dog bark at night or while you are away from home during the day? Unwanted barking can be a real problem, help eliminate unwanted barking and quickly train them with the Motorola Bark 500U Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent, helping to keep your dog under control in key areas of your home without having to resort to unnecessary sprays or shocks.

    The Motorola Bark 500U can be mounted to the wall or other surface in key areas of your home such as near the front door, where this will prevent your dog from barking up to the front door every time someone knocks to say hello for example. Best of all the detachable unit can be taken out of the magnetic base and be placed anywhere in your home - place on your kitchen worktop or coffee table to prevent the dog from causing any noise disruptions.

    The Motorola Bark 500U allows the dog freely bark for 5 second prior to releasing any Ultrasonic sound as a deterrent to help control their barking. The Bark 500U triggers when your dog barks and discourages it with ultrasonic sound up to 10 m away in the home.

    The 25KHz of Ultrasonic deterrent released is inaudible to most humans, and are only the kind dogs are able to hear, at a rate of 120 decibels. Your dog will learn to associate their barking with the high-pitched ultrasonic sound to help reduce the barking, choose from Low, Medium or High levels to best suit the needs of your dog. The two-directional speakers will ensure that your dog hears the Ultrasonic sound as effectively as they should, leading them to be more obedient within the home.

    Best of all the long battery life will allow the Bark 500U to be active for up to 6 months and is easily replaceable. Bark 500U requires 4 x AA batteries.

    Watch this informative product video to see the product in action by clicking this link

    • Emits ultrasonic sound up to 10 metres away
    • Easy to move around the home
    • Ultrasonic deterrent which is inaudible to human ears
    • 3 Ultrasonic levels to choose from to suit your dog’s needs
    • Long battery life