Motorola Bark 200U Duo Ultra-sonic & Vibrating Anti-bark Control Collar

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    Does your dog bark at night or while you are away from home during the day, or possibly while you are out walking together? Unwanted barking can be a real problem, help eliminate unwanted barking and quickly train them with the Motorola Bark 200U Duo Ultra-sonic & Vibrating Anti-bark Control Collar. The anti-bark collar features both ultrasonic and vibration technology to effectively train and control unwanted barking, this safe product trains you dog without having to resort to unnecessary sprays or shocks.

    Your dog can wear this outdoors as the Motorola Bark 200U carries a IP 54 weather rating, making it splash proof and dust protected, perfect for wet and muddy walks, plus the lightweight unit weighs approximately 102g once all packaging has been removed so it’s comfortable for your dog to wear.

    The Motorola Bark 200U is designed to allow your dog to freely bark for 5 seconds, before releasing vibrations and ultrasonic sound as a deterrent. The collar detects your dog’s vocal cords so it’s designed to be a snug fit, therefore limiting any false activation's and confusing your dog. The best fit is on dogs over 6.8 kg with a neck size between 30cm and 55cm, the adjustable strap lets you ensure the correct fitting for your dog’s collar size.

    The 25KHz of Ultrasonic deterrent released is inaudible to most humans, and are only the kind dogs are able to hear, at a rate of 86 decibels. The two-directional speakers will ensure that your dog hears the Ultrasonic sound as effectively as they should, increasing their obedience level so you can enjoy taking them for regular walks without the hassle. Your dog will learn to associate their barking with the vibration and the high-pitched ultrasonic sound to help control and reduce their barking.

    There are 3 Ultrasonic levels to choose from, High, Medium and Low, to suit the needs of your pet. Best of all the long battery life will allow the Bark 200U to be active for 45 days and is easily replaceable. Bark 200U requires 1 x Coin Cell CR2 battery

    Watch this informative product video to see the product in action by clicking this link

    • Weatherproof
    • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
    • Ultrasonic deterrent which is inaudible to human ears
    • 3 Ultrasonic levels to choose from to suit your dog’s needs
    • Long battery life