Pet Water Bottle 750ml Friend


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  • Details

     - Water bottle releases water as your dog licks.
     - Leak-proof so it won't drip in your bag
     - Made from stainless steel and BPA-free plastic
     - Hygienic to use
     - Perfect for outdoors; walks; pet shows; and training
     - Wide mouth for easy cleaning
     - Holds 250ml
     - Clips to bag or belt
     - Fits most cup holders

    The Long Paws Dog Water Bottle is the best bottle available for carrying water for your dogs. Your dog can drink straight from the bottle and you have less to carry.

    Dogs are not like humans. They can not sweat to cool their bodies down, meaning they dehydrate faster than we do. Just because you're not thirsty, doesn't mean your dog isn't. It's very important whenever you're out with your dog, to make sure you have a bottle of fresh water for your dogs to drink.

    The Long Paws bottles are leak resistant and made from stainless steel, making them hygienic, free from harmful chemicals, and environmentally friendly. They are easy to clean and help reduce waste. When open, the bottle has a wide mouth, which allows you to drop in ice cubes and keep the water cool.

    A karabiner clip attaches the bottle to your bag or belt and the bottles fit most cup and bottle holders.  The Dog Water Bottles are available in 250ml, 500ml & 750ml sizes.