Liberta Lyra II Hamster & Mouse Cage

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    The beautiful Liberta Lyra II hamster & mouse cage is a hamster & mouse home that comes complete with a great selection of accessories as shown in the photo. This includes a excercice wheel, and selection of tubes.

    The cage has one opening door on the top of the home

    Comes complete with:

    Exercise Wheel; Tubes.

    Approximate Dimensions: 22cmH x 39cmW x 25.5cmD

    Bar Spacing 6mm - Suitable for Dwarf Hamsters & Mice

    Suitable for 1-2 Mice or 1-2 Dwarf Hamsters (single sex pair only)

    We would always recommend buying the largest home you can accommodate, simply because they offer a better environment for your small animal. Small animals are very intelligent; ensure you have plenty of toys and chews that your pet can interact with.

    • Colours may vary from those shown in photo