Liberta Aquila Hamster Cage

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  • Details

    The Liberta Aquila hamster cage is a hamster home that comes complete with an exercise wheel as shown in the photo. This includes an exercise wheel, tubes and platform area.

    The cage has one opening door on the front of the home.

    Comes complete with:

    Tubes; Platform; Exercise Wheel.

    Approximate Dimensions: 32cmH x 50.5cmW x 28cmD

    Bar Spacing 8mm - Suitable for Syrian Hamsters

    Suitable for 1 Syrian Hamster

    We would always recommend buying the largest home you can accommodate, simply because they offer a better environment for your small animal. Small animals are very intelligent; ensure you have plenty of toys and chews that your pet can interact with.

    • Colours may vary from those shown in the photo