Johnsons 4fleas Dual Action Spot-On Treatment for Kittens and Small Cats 40mg 2 pipette


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    New to Kennelgate for Spring 2015 is the Johnsons 4fleas Dual Action Spot-on treatment which is highly effective, rapid and monthly treatment containing Imidacloprid which is the same active ingredient in Advantage.

    Once the 4fleas spot-on is applied to the skin, the solution distributes evenly across the cats body and will kill fleas on contact. The 4fleas spot-on starts killing fleas in 3 – 5 minutes in the area of application and 98 – 100% of fleas are killed within 12 hours.

    This product is suitable for kittens and small cats who are over 8 weeks of age and under 4kg in weight, it is a topical solution which is applied to the back of the neck.

    What is dual action? The 4fleas spot-on solution will not only kill fleas on contact it will also kill flea larvae on contact in the environment within the area around your pet - on their bedding, resting areas etc.

    Can I still use the 4fleas tablets?
    Yes, the tablets can be used with the 4fleas spot-on, particularly where there are cases of heavy infestations or FAD (flea allergy dermatitis). The 4fleas tablets can be used with other spot-on treatments.

    Do I still need an environmental spray?
    Yes, for total flea control and prevention an household environmental spray should always be used no matter what spot-on treatment you are using.

    Can I use 4fleas Spot-on in a multi-pet household?
    Yes, it is advisable to treat all pets at the same time.

    • Kills fleas on contact.
    • Kills flea larvae in the area around your cat.
    • One treatment prevents further flea infestation for 3 - 4 weeks.
    • 2 treatments pack
    • Contains the same active ingredient as Advantage