Henry Wag Car Booster Seat for Dogs

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    Some dogs find travelling stressful which raises anxiety levels for both the pet the and pet parent. Having your dog close by where it can see you and get a view of the road makes travel a calmer and more enjoyable experience.

    The Pet Car Booster Seat features a tether clip to secure to your dog’s harness and provides smaller dogs with a safe riding position. The seat fixes around the head restraint and around the seat back for security. It is supplied with a padded base for comfort plus removable fleece liner for winter journeys and a mesh panel for summer ventilation. The extended panel protects the seat back behind the booster seat. It includes a storage pocket and is collapsible when not in use.

    For full safety the passenger seat front airbag should be disengaged while in use in the front passenger seat as front airbags are not designed to protect either toddlers or dogs.

    This Henry Wag Car Booster Seat for Dogs is suitable for small and medium breeds up to 8kg in weight.

    Measures: 38cm x 38cm x 25cm