Vesper V-High Base White Walnut Cat Furniture and Activity Centre

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    The Vesper cat furniture range is brand new to Kennelgate, it offers innovative design using cat friendly materials and meticulous workmanship. Every stunning piece of sturdy Vesper Cat Furniture offers a range of cosy cubes, soft removable & washable memory foam cushions, natural durable scratching posts, scratching pads and platforms.

    The MDF used to construct them is made from the highest quality New Zealand pine, using a Walnut wood finished laminate with a scratch resistant surface (only water based lacquer used).

    Soft and inviting removable & washable cushions made from memory foam are covered in a plush fabric provide comfortable areas to rest, play and sleep.

    The durable scratching posts, scratching pads and suspended rattan ball toys (suspended from a sturdy aluminium fixture) will allow cats to exercise, scratch, rest and play as they would in the wild by encouraging natural feline behaviour such as clawing, climbing and sleeping above ground level.

    The Vesper V- High Base features one cube cave and two platforms and is normally suited for 3 adult cats or 4 kittens.

    Cube Measurements: 37cm x 37cm x 37cm (Entrance & Exit Holes 20cm x 20cm)

    Top Platform: 55cm x 29cm.

    Bottom Platform:55cm x 29cm.

    Base Measurements: 56cm x 56cm.

    Total Height: 121.5cm.

    As the Vesper Cat Furniture range has been built to the highest standards along with generous proportions they are perfect for multi cat households, or larger breed cats who would normally struggle with smaller more traditional cat scratchers.

    Scratching has several functions – one of the most important being to keep a cat’s hunting weapons sharp. Scratching also leaves scent marks in a territory. Secretions of watery sweat from between the cat’s pads leave a scent message in addition to the physical marks.

    A spray or sprinkle of cat nip can also help entice your cat to their new scratcher!