Gor Pets Easy Fix The Perch Cat Scratcher

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    The New Gor Pets Easy Fix Range of cat scratchers have been designed to relieve all the fuss of building them using traditional methods of bolts and screws. You won't need any tools to build these cat scratchers.

    The inner tubes are made from particle board instead of cardboard therefore are much stronger, making the cat scratchers great for larger breeds of cats and kittens. With a soft plush lined base and sleeping platform.

    The rope scratching posts are made from natural hemp which will really appeal to your cat and will allow your cats to exercise, scratch, rest and play as they would in the wild by encouraging natural feline behaviour such as clawing, climbing and sleeping above ground level.

    Top Platform: 35cm.

    Base Measurements: 35cm x 35cm.

    Total Height: 39cm.

    Scratching has several functions – one of the most important being to keep a cat’s hunting weapons sharp. Scratching also leaves scent marks in a territory. Secretions of watery sweat from between the cat’s pads leave a scent message in addition to the physical marks.

    A spray or sprinkle of cat nip can also help entice your cat to their new scratcher!