Gencon All-In-One Clip to Collar Black Head Collar and Lead


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  • Details

    The Gencon All-In-One has the head collar and lead built is as one unit, with a handle at one end. The action of the lead comes from the side of the head behind the ear and is very gentle. When your dog pulls, both loops tighten restricting the whole head, the dog backs off from the restriction. Only gentle pressure is needed, and there is no need to jerk. It has an extra clip at the end of the lead, this can either be made into a handle or the clip can be attached to the dog's collar to give the owner extra security in keeping their dog safe.

    The Gencon All-In-One Clip to Collar head collar is ideal for any dog but in particular for difficult, wriggly dogs.

    The Gencon is a proven training aid to solve many dog behavioural problems, recommended by leading dog trainers and behaviourists, it's ideal for;

    General lead pulling problems

    A dog that lunges at other dogs or people

    Dogs that persistently scavenge

    A dog that is too strong for you

    A dog that is aggressive

    A dog that is over excitable

    A dog that is nervous

    How does the Gencon collar work?

    Gencons consist of two loops; one goes over the nose, the other round the neck. When the dog pulls, both loops tighten, restricting the whole head, the dog backs off from the restriction, in other words STOPS PULLING! The action is from the side of the head and very gentle, it does not pull your dog's head round and will not ride up into your dog's eyes. All gencons are made from the same material as equine head collars to ensure maximum strength and durability whilst being soft to the touch.

    Find out more about how to fit the Gencon All-In-One Head Collars here: Gencon You Tube Videos

    • Simple and quick to use - One size fits all dogs
    • Won't pull into your dog's eyes
    • Won't turn your dog's head dangerously
    • Comfortable and soft to wear
    • Recommended by trainers and behaviourists