Frontline Plus Spot on Flea Drops for Large Dogs and Puppies (20-40kg) 6 Pipette

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    Please note that this product is an authorised veterinary medicinal product and must be supplied by a Suitably Qualified Person only. If purchasing online, our SQP will contact you by phone before this product is dispatched, please ensure that a correct contact number is listed within your account so we can reach you to avoid any delays to your order

    Uses In dogs: Eliminates fleas on your dog and protects against re-infestation for 8 weeks. Eliminates ticks on your dog and protects against re-infestation for 4 weeks. Eliminates biting lice on your dog.

    New double action Frontline Plus not only kills fleas and ticks on your dog but also it contains active IGR technology that stops flea eggs from hatching and larvae developing in your home. By preventing flea eggs from hatching, Frontline Plus breaks the flea life cycle, helping to protect both the pet and the home.

    A SQP will need to contact you before we can dispatch this product, please ensure that we can reach you between the hours of 9am - 6pm on your contact number

    Contra-indications In the absence of available data, the product should not be used on puppies less than 8 weeks old. Do not use on sick (e.g. systemic diseases, fever) or convalescent animals. Do not use in rabbits, as adverse reactions with even mortality could occur.

    Amounts to be administered and administration route One pipette of 2.68 ml for dogs weighing 20-40kg by topical application to the skin. Hold the pipette upright. Tap the narrow part of the pipette to ensure the contents remain within the main body of the pipette. Snap back the tip. Part the coat on the back of the animal at the base of the neck in front of the shoulder blades until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the pipette on the skin and squeeze the pipette several times to empty its contents completely and directly onto the skin in one spot. Temporary changes to the coat (clumped/greasy hair) may be noted at the application site.

    Using new double action Frontline Plus every four weeks helps protect pets from fleas and ticks, and its active IGR technology stops flea eggs from hatching and larvae from developing in the home.

    NFA-VPS Vm 08327/4268-71