Fish4Cats Finest Grain Free Cat Food with Salmon 400g to 1.5kg

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    Cats naturally love the taste of fish, making the Fish4Cats grain free formula a healthy and delicious complete meal. Fish is a fantastic protein source which is easily digestible, making it gentle on your cat's tummy and relatively low in saturated fats and sugars. Fish is also a great source of naturally occurring omega 3 which is great for your cats coat, skin and joints.

    Fish4Cats use lots of fish in their cat foods with over 65% fish content, as well as having a balanced mineral content, reducing the strain on kidneys and added cranberries, Fish4Cats can help with your cats Urinary tract health. With the added benefit of additional functional fibres to help ease the passage of those nastly hairballs.

    • Grain Free Formula
    • Omega 3 Care
    • Urinary Tract Health