Earth Rated Poo Bag Dispenser with Lavender Bags


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    The cutest dispenser on the market is a convenient holder for our Earth Rated bags (or other brands, should someone dare). Our adjustable strap can be sized to fit any lead format, our unique hook on the back of the dispenser is a great feature that holds the used bag for hands-free bag transport. Includes one lavender-scented starter roll of 15 bags.

    Earth Rated dog waste bags are bigger, thicker, tougher and totally leak-proof. Browse the collection to see what all the hype is about!

    Are your bags biodegradable?

    We strive to ensure we continue to make a fun and affordable alternative to the traditional plastic grocery bag. Our green-colored bags contain an EPI additive which helps them to break down, unlike traditional plastic bags

    What is your box packaging made from?

    All of our packaging for our bag line is made from recycled materials, and we use recycled paper cores for the rolls instead of plastic ones. In addition, our packaging and cores can be recycled after use.

    Where does the lavender scent for your bags come from?

    The scent used in our bags is sourced from natural essential oils derived from various fruits, plants and falls within Class 1 certification from The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) due to it making up less than 1% of our bag ingredient panel.