Danish Design Super Absorbable Dog Towel Robe 12 Inch

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    This super absorbent towel robe is the perfect accessory for any dog owner. The dog robe is excellent for absorbing water, so really comes in handy for long muddy walks, rainy days and after bath time. Made from a luxurious blend of cotton and polyester in a bottle green colour to provide the ultimate drying coat and maximise comfort for your dog.

    The robe is machine washable (cold rinse on a short spin)

    Although the robe is designed to dry your dog, it also can be used in the summer time as a cooling device. Simply run the robe under cold water and place on your dog to keep them cool and refreshed.

    How do I know it will fit my dog?

    The robe has Adjustable Velcro fastenings in two positions to accommodate each breed of dog. The robe is available in 5 sizes. For the most accurate fit, measure your dog: Coat size is determined by measuring from the nape of the neck to base of tail.

    Available sizes: 30cm/12” 40cm/16” 50cm/20” 60cm/24” 70cm/28”