Bunny & Fizz Orchard Guinea Pig & Rabbit Compatible Run 5x4x2ft

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    The Bunny & Fizz Orchard Guinea Pig & Rabbit Run is spacious and designed to be used in conjunction with either the Orchard Guinea Pig & Rabbit Single or Orchard Double hutches (not included) and can extend your small animal’s enclosure so they have even more room to enjoy.

    A traditional hutch should only be seen as your Small Pets “bedroom” and a place to shelter from bad weather. The hutch should be permanently attached to a large run or secure exercise area with your garden.

    We would always recommend buying the largest hutch and run you can accommodate, simply because they offer a better environment for your small animal. Small animals are very intelligent; ensure you have plenty of toys and chews that your pet can interact with.

    Made using weather resilient wood and with a secure higned lid.

    There’s a convenient lift up lid which provides easy access to the attached Hutch entrance – the doors of the Run can be left open so your small animal can go between the two as they please.

    It has a built in security panel which prevents access to the area under the adjoined hutch.

    The wood has been weather proofed using a water-based preservative.

    Measures approximately L 5ft X W 4ft X H 2ft.