Bunny & Fizz Orchard Double Guinea Pig & Rabbit Hutch 5x4x2ft

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    The Bunny & Fizz Orchard Double Guinea Pig & Rabbit Hutch is a well-designed, spacious and traditional enclosure made using weather resilient slat wood finish. Inside, it has a divided sleeping area and a removable tray for easy cleaning out.

    There are integral legs which lift the entire enclosure off the ground – this can not only aid circulation but prevent cold rising from the surface and penetrating the atmosphere of the hutch.

    Finished in rustic brown stained wood, the wood is weather proofed using a water-based small animal-safe preservative.

    Durable barrel bolt latch door fastenings.

    A traditional hutch should only be seen as your Small Pets “bedroom” and a place to shelter from bad weather. The hutch should be permanently attached to a large run or secure exercise area with your garden.

    Add the compatible Orchard Guinea Pig & Rabbit Run to your hutch.

    We would always recommend buying the largest hutch and run you can accommodate, simply because they offer a better environment for your small animal. Small animals are very intelligent; ensure you have plenty of toys and chews that your pet can interact with.

    Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets.

    Measures approximately L 5ft X H 4ft X D 2ft