Beaphar Small Animal Fly Guard Prevent Flystrike Spray 75ml

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    Beaphar Fly Guard is a veterinary medicine for preventing flystrike in rabbits and guinea pigs.

    Flystrike is a common, extremely distressing and often fatal disease which predominantly occurs in warm weather, usually between April and October.

    It most commonly occurs when the Rabbit or Guinea Pig’s rear end becomes soiled with faeces and/or urine. This attracts the fly Lucilia sericata, or a green bottle fly, which lay eggs on damaged skin or on the soiled fur. Each fly can lay up to 200 eggs on the skin at the rear end of an animal which then hatch into maggots within hours and grow by feeding on flesh. The maggots can very quickly eat away large areas of tissue around the bottom, tail, belly and back.

    Start to use in late spring before flies are seen, the Beaphar Fly Guard Flystrike Spray contains ivermectin, an insect growth regulator, giving protection for up to 3 months. Repeat treatment every 3 months for continued protection.

    If you spot any signs of flystrike on your pet, such as eggs or maggots in their fur, seek urgent veterinary advice.

    It only takes a small amount of soiling within the fur for the flies to strike. Rabbits & Guinea Pigs who cannot groom themselves effectively due to obesity and long fur are at greater risk.

    Checking your pet’s rear end at least twice a day will help to detect infestation early. Using a flystrike treatment spray to prevent any outbreaks is crucial.

    Also ensuring that your Rabbit or Guinea Pig’s housing environment is cleaned regularly, daily during the summer months and replacing damp or soiled bedding with clean and dry bedding material.

    Using a Red Top Fly Catcher Bag is an excellent way of keeping flies away from your pets. Simply hang this easy to use fly trap at least 15m away from the area to be protected.

  • Composition
    Ivermectin 0.5 mg/ml