Ancol Ergo Knot Buster Tool for Dogs

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    The Ancol Ergo Knot Buster comes recommended by our in-store Grooming team, it’s an ideal dog grooming tool for removing knots from long, silky, and curly coats. The Knot Buster should be pulled slowly upwards through the coat and moved back and forth to gently detangle stubborn knots. The Knot Buster has soft blades to have a cutting action on knotted hair.

    The Ancol Knot Buster is cleverly rounded, ensuring your dog stays comfortable while being groomed, it is particularly useful on moulting dogs that are likely to get tangles and matted fur.

    Regular grooming is an important part of your dog’s routine, no matter what their coat type. Some dogs will require daily grooming, whilst others will need a quick brush once a week. We stock a range of brushes, combs, shampoos and sprays to suit your dog’s coat type.