Ancol Cooling Summer Dog Coat X Large

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    Ancol Dog Cool Coats are activated by water, they are light, cool and soft to the touch, making them comfortable for your dog to wear. They are made from a polyester/cotton material.

    The Ancol Dog Cool Coat will make your dog feel cool, not wet and retains moisture for hours. You can test this by putting your hand beneath the dog's coat and feeling how cool he feels compared to any part of his coat that is exposed to the sun or heat for a period of time.

    When the Ancol Dog Cooling Coat starts to dry out simply re activate your coat by putting it in water and wring out the excess moisture.

    To use simply submerge in water for approximately a minute then gently wring out the excess water. Shake the coat to re-form the shape and fit to your dog. The "Kelvinator effect" of moisture evaporating from the coat will ensure your dog's temperature will be lowered. As the moisture evaporates and the coat slowly dries, simply repeat stage one to maintain the cooling effect.

    Cool machine wash or hand wash with a mild detergent and allow to air dry naturally. Do not tumble dry. Keep your cool coat in the bag provided.

    Which size is best for my dog?

    Please measure your dog from the collar position to the base of the tail. The measurements below are the maximum size.

    X Small - Coat Length 25cm

    Small - Coat Length 30cm

    Medium - Coat Length - 40cm

    Large - Coat Length - 50cm

    X Large - Coat Length - 60cm