Almo Nature Green Label RAW PACK Skip Jack Tuna Fillet Pouches

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    Almo Nature Green Label Raw Pack is a highly tasty supplementary food for cats. It uses the pure human grade ingredients, packed raw in the pouch and steam cooked to preserve all the healthy nutrients.

    Almo Nature Green Label Raw Pack cat food will make your cat’s mouth water and bring them closer to nature and their natural way of eating and hunting live prey such as mice, rodents and birds. You will also know that you are giving your cat a balanced healthy diet.

    Freshly caught fish from the sea – no farmed fish

    Real meat from free-range farms – no hormones or antibiotics are used in rearing

    Packed raw and steam cooked in the pouch to preserve the valuable nutrients

    Preserved in its own stock to retain all the nutrients and the great taste.

    Free from additives of ANY kind

    Feeding Recommendation: Almo Nature believes in a balanced diet for your cat and recommends alternating between meat and fish flavours to keep your cats interest as well as providing with a complete dry food kibble.

    Almo Nature Green Label Raw is a supplementary food.

    Cats up to 4 kg: 110 g wet food + 35 g dry food

    The amount of food given should be appropriate to the weight and activity levels of your cat

    Please make sure that your cat always has plenty of fresh drinking water.

    • Since cats eat with their nose, the Raw Pack method of cooking makes the food fragrant and irresistible for cats.
    • It is ideal for cats of all ages and perfect for fussy or selective cats.