About Kennelgate Pet Superstores

Here at Kennelgate Pet Superstores we offer a great selection of pet food, pet accessories, toys and everything else you could possibly ever need for all kinds of animals! Including DogsCatsSmall AnimalsIndoor BirdsWildlife and Wild BirdsAquaticsReptilesHorsePoultry and even Home Farming products in store. We stock all the leading brands, to those specialist brands that like us, have that little something extra to offer.

We are committed to offering excellent standards of customer service, with high quality products and product knowledge, to ensure you as a customer receive the best service and advice possible.

We currently 20 retail stores over the UK, you can find your nearest store by visiting our store locator or shop Online.

If you ever have any questions, please get in touch... We would love to hear from you!

Kennelgate is a division of Kennelpak Limited. Kennelpak was founded in 1974 to supply pet food to commercial users. In 1983 Kennelpak identified a niche in the market for specialised pet food outlets to supply the public with bulk pet food and pet related items. Since then Kennelgate has developed into a multi retail site operation.With its own head office and warehousing facilities in Nottingham, Kennelgate is perfectly positioned for future expansion.

In store services

All Pets are Welcome

All pets are welcome in our stores, dogs in particular love coming in for a biscuit treat and a fuss from our members of staff in store. They also like to pick out their own toys and treats! This is also a good chance to get your pet weighed on our free scales. We have everything and anything come into our stores from Dogs, Cats and Ferrets to Micro Pigs and even Parrots! Our Staff always love to meet their customers...

Nutritional Advisors

Our staff are highly trained in animal nutrition and can advise you on the best diet to suit your pet. With most of our team being pet owners themselves, they will be able to offer you the best advice and make the right choice.

Pet ID Tag Engraving

We offer a wide range of high quality identification tags in various shapes, colour's and sizes. They can be engraved for free, while you wait.

Weight Checking Service

Feel free to use our free weighing scales in any of our stores, our staff will happily advise you on a suitable diet for your dog.

Special Order Service

Can't find what you're looking for? We offer a special order service for nearly anything that is not regularly stocked in the store, just let a member of the team know what it is you are looking for and we will be happy to help you.

Carry to Car Service

Any member of staff will happily carry your things to your car. We know some pet products can be heavy.

Licensed Meds

Licensed Meds We have trained and suitably qualified staff that are able to dispense items such as Plerion, Droncit, Advantage, Panacur Wormers, Drontal Wormers and Frontline Plus Flea Treatment. Please see our store locator page to check which stores offer this service. Please note that due to licensing laws these products can only be dispensed when our SQP(s) are in the store. We would advise you to contact the store first, before making any special trips.

A Suitably Qualified Person (SQP) is an animal health advisor. The legal phrase SQP is a category of professionally qualified persons who are entitled to prescribe and/or supply certain veterinary medicines under the Veterinary Medicines Regulations. To qualify as an SQP a person must undertake relevant training and pass examinations approved by AMTRA.

Veterinary Diets

Hills Science Plan Prescription, Purina Veterinary and Royal Canin Veterinary Diet’s are now all available as a special order line in Kennelgate stores. These products are also available to buy on-line. These products can be ordered in for you at your request, which should not take more than a few working days.

Groom & Pamper Studio

At Kennelgate Groom & Pamper studios we always use the highest quality grooming products to ensure that your dog receives the best of treatments whilst in our care. Our trained stylists can also advise you on how to care for your pet’s coat between grooms to help keep your best friend looking and feeling in tip-top condition all of the time.

Self Service Dog Wash

We offer a self service dog wash in selected stores which includes a self service wash, shampoo and dry. The self service dog wash consists of a professional dog bath and dryer, shampoo, towels, restraints (for the less keen dog!) Fully enclosed area with lead hooks to secure any other dog whilst waiting for their turn.

Puppy Training & Socialisation Classes

Here at Kennelgate we are delighted to be able to offer 6 week puppy training and socialisation classes for you and your new puppy.  Our puppy training classes currently run from several of our stores and each course runs for 6 weeks in store.  The course is reward based and work on building a great relationship and understanding between dog and owner, using fun and education.

Gender Pay Gap

Person responsible for our Gender Pay Gap reporting: 

Mr Peter Scott, CEO, Kennelpak Ltd, Palmer Drive, Stapleford, Nottingham, NG9 7BW.

Our written statement:
We have to report certain calculations regarding our Gender Pay Gap at the “snapshot date” of 5th April 2017. The figures reported are a true and accurate representation at this date.

What we calculated:
The MEAN hourly rate is the average hourly wage earned across the entire organisation. The mean gender hourly pay gap is a measure of the difference between women’s mean hourly wage and men’s mean hourly wage.

The MEDIAN hourly rate is calculated by ranking all employees highest to lowest paid and taking the hourly wage of the person in the middle, so the MEDIAN gender pay gap is the difference between the women’s median hourly wage (the middle-paid women) and men’s median hourly wage (the middle-paid man).

What this tells us:
Women’s MEAN hourly rate in our Organisation is 29.6% lower than men’s. In other words when comparing the mean hourly rates women earn 70p for every £1 that men earn.

Women’s MEDIAN hourly rate is 6.4% lower than the men’s. In other words when comparing median hourly rates women earn 94p for every £1 men earn. 

About our Organisation: Percentage of Women and Men employed by quartile:

Top Quartile: Women 67.5 % / Men 37.5%
Upper Middle Quartile: Women 72.3% / Men 27.7%
Lower Middle Quartile: Women 87.2% / Men 12.8%
Bottom Quartile: Women 75.0% / Men 25.0%

Our part time, flexible contracts suit the home-life balance of working parents regardless of their gender. 

Bonus Pay Gap:
Our Mean Bonus Pay Gap is 330.1% lower for Women than Men. Here a lack of female representation at the highest senior manager level (where earnings and bonuses are higher) and a higher ratio of female employees to male employees is impacting on our mean bonus pay gap.   

Our Median Bonus Pay Gap is 23.5% lower for women than men. For context 84.2% of all employees qualified for a bonus; representative of 87.2% of all women, and 75.5% of all men receiving a bonus at the snapshot date.