Hi Life Tempt Me! Kitten Poultry Pates

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    HiLife tempt me! is formulated from a great-tasting combination of meat, vitamins and minerals to give your kitten all the nutrition he needs to grow up into a healthy, adult cat. At the same time we know you like to avoid unnecessary additives in your own food so we've done the same with our younger cat recipes - you won't find any artificial additives in here.

    HiLife tempt me! pouch cat food is a complete pet food for cats which is a product of Thailand.

    From weaning at 1 month to about 3 months, feed 5-6 small meals per day (1/4 to 1/2 pouch per serving). As they grow older, feed them less frequently but make each portion size larger. By the time they are 9 months old your younger cat should be eating 3-4 pouches daily spread across just two meals. Always ensure your cat has access to plenty of fresh drinking water.